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Battery Minder helps you keep track of the remaining battery life on your device, to avoid ending up in a situation when you run out of power. This makes it easy to see a detailed view of your current battery level (at a glance) and adds calculated customizable residual time estimates from making historical battery data. You also get the option to add a low battery alarm that alerts you when the battery level reaches a certain point. Features:
– Battery level meter with% indicator in the status bar
– Minimum power drain
– Estimate adaptive rest time
– Low / full battery alert
– Fully customizable notification content (estimate, charging status, temperature, health, voltage, etc.)

Additional notes:
– Application 2 SD: Some applications are not suitable for installation in external storage (SD). This often applies when services, alarms, widgets and auto start functionality are involved. Battery Minder includes many of the above, which is also the reason for not allowing external storage (SD) installation.
– Time Estimation Accuracy: Battery Minder’s remaining time estimates are calculated based on the battery status report collected from the Android system. As a result, time estimates will become more accurate over time and will fluctuate less. Be patient for improved accuracy Please note that deleting battery data history will force the calculation of estimates to start from zero with much less accuracy.
– Momentary Estimation: Momentary / historical historical average setting toggles between trying to answer one of the following two questions; “How long will my device be able to run because it continues the way I am running at the moment?” (Momentary) or “How long will my battery last if I use my device almost the same way as I normally would?” (historical average)
– Battery Health: Please note that battery health has nothing to do with current battery level / charge (%). Battery health tries to tell when it’s old, soon broken, it’s time to replace the battery.

What’s new?

– Adding a notification click option (for example, using the battery instead of the battery mind configuration)
– Fixed a few rare crash issues

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