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Battery Doctor 2018 – Quick Charger – Super Cleaner is a free battery application that can charge your phone up to 30% faster and increase your battery life by up to 50% by finding apps and settings that waste energy on your device.
This application is the most efficient and professional Android power booster. Battery Doctor – The battery saver helps the user save battery life with a single tap whenever it starts triple. This smart battery optimizer gives your phone the ability to enable settings to kill background running applications while working as a memory cleaner, RAM booster and task killer for better battery performance. You can save up to 2x – 4x battery life to speed up your phone even faster.Note:
This application uses the permission of the device administrator. This is necessary and is only used to lock the device when you use the app. Administration you need to enable before you can use it. To uninstall the app, please go to the settings page and click the “Uninstall” button

★ Fast charging
Battery Fast Charge allows you to get the most out of your battery and reminds you not to overcharge with any unique 3-stage charging system that controls how your device is charged. It also has features that can monitor and control power consumption.

Memory boost
Clear the memory (RAM) and optimize the speed of the phone by removing unnecessary background tasks.
Close auto-start applications to speed up boot and reduce memory usage.
The 1-Tap Memory Cleaner and Booster Widget makes it easy to clean your home phone directly from the home screen.

Battery saver
The battery saver is more than the Power Optimizer application, which does not require an online connection to perform the task. Works best even on non-native Android phones. So just leave the idea to replace your installed battery to get extra charge. Increase battery life with deep sleep mode if your phone is not in use.

পরিষ্কার Clean up garbage files – Super Cleaner
Smart Clean helps to delete cache files, residual junk files to reclaim storage. Improve the performance of your device.

★ Phone cooler
It monitors your phone’s temperature in real time and analyzes which applications are causing the overheating. This detection is the key to starting the cooling process which lowers the CPU temperature by keeping your phone in the normal range.

. Device information
Convenient state of CPU, memory (RAM), GPU, battery and hardware features.
Keep track of memory (RAM), storage space and CPU / battery temperature.
Prevent applications from wasting battery life and causing the device to overheat.
Tune up task manager memory alignment to optimize your phone’s performance

Anti-theft while charging in public places

Itor monitoring
Track your phone charging time while performing necessary tasks as a smart optimizer. Monitor Application Acceptance – Power Optimizer See which system application, such as Bluetooth, WiFi or Data GPRS, consumes more battery power while you appreciate the power management solution.

Key benefits:
Battery Properly display battery status and rest time.
Remaining show charging the rest of the time properly.
Smart battery customer optimization with just one-tap.
Power A tap optimizer with active task killer battery widget to save for optimal power consumption
Adaptive power saving mode with custom or smart pre-set battery saving mode options
Pre-set save modes: General / Save / Excess Storage
Customize power saving options as per Ference choice: WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G / 4G mobile data, Location Services, GPS, Brightness.
Screen Auto Task Killer Off
Intelligent brightness control
Power efficient monitoring of power consumption
Details Display: Battery temperature, battery voltage, battery health
Power Efficient and minimal interface for efficient power management
Save kills unnecessary tasks with a very simple one-tap optimize button for extra storage.
• Easy featured battery saving and effective small size package
Uous uninterrupted and timely updates

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