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ডি 3D Sports Games! The best competitive badminton fun game in 2020!
– Jump and destroy loudly! Quickly match PVP multiplayer sports with real-time global players!
-Shitlock! Badminton clash! It’s time to play the best multiplayer sports game on mobile!

Badminton Blitz – Unlike the tennis clash game, badminton games are easy to learn and control. Get started with a quick 3 minute online PVP badminton game or take the badminton world by storm! Jump-smash! Play a fun, multiplayer, simulation and sports game with your friends or family via Facebook!
In Badminton Blitz, stunning 3D graphics and application-optimized sports gameplay immerse you in the ultimate fascinating environment of the simulated world as before!

Live your sports dream with Badminton Blitz: Play great multiplayer PVP sports matches for badminton players. Badminton players around the world challenge to win the league trophy badminton in the tournament!

🏸 Game Features
Compete with online badminton players in online PVP multiplayer sports matches
🏸 Build, Upgrade, and Level – Build Your Athletic Character Capabilities
Customize your tools, and importantly equip the best racket.
Gather the strongest club: Join or create the club, fight together to win the championship
Simulate interesting 3D sports arena and UI design to give you the most visible realistic badminton experience.
+ 20+ Beautiful racquets, how do you match your character traits? Your knowledge is needed!
Bad unlock secrets for badminton racquets, training cards, experience cards, clothing pieces, diamonds, coins, etc.
Get up in the tournament rankings to unlock free amateur, semi-pro and pro badminton players!

💥 New sports games, little control 💥
Assume to destroy your racket, hit the shuttle, but you also need intelligence to win! There is a stamina bar during the game, you need to use the technique flexibly to defeat your opponent!

Competitive sports, constant challenges, badminton leagues and clashes.
Match with random players in real-time, and play against real players from amateurs to badminton masters! Everything is possible! Do you dare to learn skills and dare with them?

Characters Develop characters and upgrade rackets
Choose the best character and fitness trainer for your squad. The training character needs training cards, experience cards, etc … Competitive badminton sports game requires your strategy and wisdom Want to make your character the hero of a winning competition? Come on!

Win Matches Matches, Become a Badminton MVP! 💥
Give me a badminton racket, can you climb to the top? With Carrie Arena’s skill and skill success, your name ranks in the top rankings worldwide! Make your competitor a crazy smack? Win! And become a Badminton MVP!

4 Intuitive controls that are easy to learn but hard to master. All about badminton practice and knowledge. Finger-controlled badminton gameplay combined with various racquets. And special character costumes will keep you focused on the audience. In Badminton Blitz, you can challenge your competitors, and become a legend to take part in the tournament!

Play as fun as tennis clash, free to play fun, popular, multiplayer, simulation and badminton game! Download Badminton Blitz now!

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