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Baby Sleep 🍼 White noise lullabies for newborns APK Download

Baby Sleep 🍼 White noise lullabies for newborns APK Download

This app is made for children and their parents. It helps babies fall asleep instantly. Using the word (lorries) of classic white words proven effective by the generation of parents! These are similar to the natural sounds of the womb and thus they create a calm environment for accustomed babies.

Why is my baby crying?

Your baby has been fed, has clean nappies, no colic problems, you were playing with your baby but still crying? The baby is probably very tired, but at the same time can not sleep on its own. This is a common condition of the newborn and a situation that can help the most when the baby sleeps.

The use of monotonous low frequency words by Slip Baby Classic proves effective by the generation of parents helping your baby to sleep:
These types of words include:
Washing machine
The car
• Hair dryer
Vacuum cleaner
Ush shush
In the train
A treasure trove of music
Sea and flow …

From practical experience, we have learned that these types of melodies are more effective as lullabies than melodies, music or singing.

Your kids will soon get used to it and even when they grow up demand for it and choose their own lullabies. The application becomes an integral part of children and their parents in their daily sleep routine.

Even for older children the baby sleep room helps to increase the overall noise level, so that urban noise like sudden traffic does not disturb your baby from sleep.

Baby slips are easy to use, so your kids can start rolling too. They simply choose one of the available words. Each lolly has a color and a large image that kids can find their favorite lollies. A timer automatically stops Luli when time runs out. All words are available offline so you don’t need internet.

We recommend that you do not approach the child more than the phone needs during the full use of this application and turn on the flight mode as well as mute the alert.

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