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Baby Pug – The Cutest Puppy APK Download

Baby Pug - The Cutest Puppy APK Download

You can take care of an adorable baby pug that needs your help during the day. Learn her daily routine and finish each task to have a successful time as a dog caretaker. This puppy game will take you on a great adventure and teach you everything you have while owning a virtual pet. There are some responsibilities that must be fulfilled first but you may have some fun activities. Your animal must be bathed so that he can start his day. Put it in the bathtub and make sure you fill it with water and bubbles. Here you will wash her body and face with the right product. Use shampoo and soap to do this. Then comes after brushing the teeth where you will make his smile fresh and shiny. Now that you have him unfinished you need to take him to the gym where he will do some interesting exercises. You will train him with a boxing bag to keep him in good condition. Your pug should be taken to the kitchen when the workout is over. Replenish its energy with healthy and delicious food. You can also treat him. Choose a crazy dress and let’s go to the playroom to match her accessories with her outfit and ensure a customized look. Play with her toys and have fun outside with the ball. After these interactive games, you can play a mini-game with vegetables and fruits together. Achieve great scores and combine lots of fruits and vegetables at once. You will know when you go to sleep because your baby’s legs will be very tired. At the end of the day, give him a break to recharge his energy to give him a better time to spend time together.

This game comes with great features:
– Free
– Develop supervisory skills
– Learn what it takes to keep a baby pug happy
– Exercise to the gym
– Fun activities like mixing games incor
– Great graphics and background sound
– Amazing experience as a virtual pet owner
– To create intelligent accessories and dress
– Clean, nurse and feed your animals
– Help him to follow his daily routine and finish all the work

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