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Baby Panda’s Body Adventure APK Download

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The little prince ate too much, and his teeth and stomach couldn’t take it anymore! Can you help them?

There are four organs that need your help: the mouth, the stomach, the small intestine, and the kidneys. There are ten levels with each part of the body. You can get a puzzle piece after passing a level. And you can smash the whole picture with all the pieces you win.

Mouth: Cutting food into pieces
Swing your tool to help the tooth cut the cake, fruit, chicken and tomato into pieces!

Stomach: Make the food smaller
The stomach is full now. Quickly remove the bombs and fire to destroy the food and complete the challenge!

Small intestine: Digesting food
Attention! Green vegetables have appeared. Aim the green cannons at the green vegetables and destroy them to get the victory!

Kidney: Destroying germs
The germs have started attacking them. Quickly, identify the same colors as the germs and attach them to destroy them!

This is a game designed especially for children. It also helps children understand the process of digestion of food by different organs and also understands that they should not overeat or overeat and instead develop healthy eating habits.

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