Baby Games – Piano, Baby Phone, First Words APK Download

Baby Games - Piano, Baby Phone, First Words APK Download
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Baby Games - Piano, Baby Phone, First Words APK Download

Entertain your child for hours with “Baby Games – Piano, Baby Phone, First Words”, a fun, easy, colorful and free educational phone game designed with kids and kids in mind!

There are lots of mini-games and educational activities to keep kids interested and fun to learn with children’s games. It starts with pictures of animals, kids can match the words they make up. There are also balloon popping games, musical learning methods, fun activities and much more. This is the perfect baby phone game to entertain young children.

Baby Games has a lively and usable interface that is perfect for babies between the ages of six and twelve, one and two year olds and even kindergartens will enjoy it! Playing will help kids of all ages explore all the fun activities at their fingertips as well as help develop memory and fine motor control attention and observation skills.

The child-safe interface in Children’s Games features fun nursery rhymes, baby songs and rhyming games for kids and toddlers for easy use. Some of the nursery rhymes include ABC Alphabet Songs, Five Little Ducks, Humpy Dumpty, Rain Rain Go Away, Bus Wheels, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and many more.

Here’s a sneak peek of the featured kid phone games in our app:

1. First words – Kids can learn completely with pictures to match the sounds that birds and animals make. “What is this?” Play the game to see how much they can remember!

2. Music Room – Every parent knows that kids love to make sounds. Help your kids develop their motor skills and appreciation for specific sounds by turning loose in the music room. Ready to play four separate instruments ranging from drums to pianos, horns and xylophones. Kids can create their own music by tapping the screen and with every touch they can hear the real sound!

3. Pop N Play – Kids as well as adults love popping toy balloons. It’s interesting to tap the screen and crack images and make them disappear! This mode includes regular balloons, animal shaped balloons and smiley balloons, all ready to pop in one touch. There’s even a bonus fruit push game that helps kids build coordination and motor skills.

4. Fireworks – Look at the sky, it’s fireworks! Kids can tap or drag to create a flash of light, complete with authentic sound effects. Multi-touch support is included, so kids can turn off fireworks with five fingers at once!

5. Baby Phone – A fantastic fun mode that helps kids learn different animal sounds, nursery rhymes, larry and music notes by playing with a virtual phone! Make a fraudulent phone call to an animal and it will answer, complete with cartoon faces and real sound effects! Kids can press colorful buttons to hear a variety of sounds and learn animal, number and even nursery rhymes.

Kids games are the perfect tool to help build the memory and observation skills of kids, toddlers and children. It’s colorful and easy to use and includes a number of great mini-games that any kid will love.

Note to parents:
“Baby Games – Piano, Baby Phone, First Words” is a free application that is published with any third party advertisement or in-app purchase. It is also an emotional project. We are parents ourselves, which means we have a very strong opinion of what we want our children to learn and play!

We have created Baby Games and released it for free to provide better learning materials for babies and toddlers. We follow a strict protocol against third party ads since children of this age should not be exposed to content that affects them. We’ve kept it free to make sure more families around the world can enjoy it.

We are confident that you and your kids will have a great time with this game. If you do, please consider sharing it with others.

Thank you for taking care of your child’s education and health!

– Greetings from parents at RV AppStudio

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