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Tutorials and demos here:

Distinctive features:

Block any application notifications from appearing
Android 8+ is required for endless notifications. For general notifications, Android 4.4 ++ is required. Education through film Here.

Manage notifications section
For apps that weren’t built for Android Orio or later, you can change a lot more settings than regular system options, importance, sound, vibration, etc.
You can set vibration patterns for apps built on Orio or above that you wouldn’t normally do! The video tutorial is here:

Customize Gmail notification buttons
Set any button you want in your Gmail notifications! Choose from 14 different buttons (including) Mark as read, Delete And many more) and up to 5 at the same time! Video demo here:

Task Only Features:

Create great interactive notifications with advanced formatting:
Watch a tutorial Here.

Quick settings tiles
Add 40 Android 7+ quick setting tiles to customize to your heart’s desire!

Table notification
Create a table with images in the shadow of your notification. Tutorial Here

Button notification
Get a notification with as many buttons as you want! Yes, you can have up to 50 buttons if you wish! 🙂

Intercept and Query Notification
Respond to notifications from other Tasker apps and do whatever you want with them, including replacing them Your own good version 🙂

Automatic reply
Create chat bots and Answer automatically To chat application notifications such as WhatsApp, Hangouts etc.

Android 8+ features!
Manage notification sections and snooze notifications for third party applications

Free 7 day trial!
Try the full app for free and unlock the full version to get all the features after 7 days. If you do not unlock the full version after 7 days, you will use the lighter version.

Lighter version restrictions:
– The title and text are limited to 5 characters
– LED color will always be red with 100mm on and off time
– Vibration is not supported
– Custom words are not supported
– Messages that you can respond to in an automated profile are limited to 2 characters
– Notifications can’t be interrupted
– Cannot use Task to manage and snooze sections

(Warning: You must have Taker installed to use all the features next to all the ones in the standalone section: please don’t rate it negatively because of this))

Please do not leave negative feedback without contacting me at first. I will always try my best to help you and if I can’t get in touch with you I can’t.

This application uses accessibility services.

What’s new?

– Added the function of Autonotify Hide notification icons for Android 8+. Allows you to temporarily hide all notification icons and then bring them back
– Added the ability to filter by group name in the AutoCAD section. This only allows you to disable Gmail notifications for a given account. Demo:
– Added “Forever Delete” button to Gmail buttons (still waiting for Google to approve Gmail API)

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