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Recognition of support now! When identifying a person you will get a push notification with animated GIF images, much more accurate than traditional thematic motion detection. Acting as a tablet, baby monitor, pet camera, nanny camera, elderly care, etc. in a professional home monitoring system within minutes

Used in conjunction with Athhome cameras, you are able to keep an eye on your home when you are out and receive immediate alerts in the event of an incident!

Video streaming with strong encryption and P2P transfer technology protects your privacy. You can be confident – your cameras are well protected from unauthorized access! Athhome is the best choice for monitoring your home video.

******* MAIN FEATURES ********
1. No more fake alarms due to advanced AI and deep learning technology used to detect man-driven motion against shadows, lights etc.

2. Facial recognition technology will help you distinguish whether the person in the video is your family member or intruder and will notify you instantly;

3. Remote monitoring on the go: Watch live streaming via 3G / 4G or WiFi network from anywhere at any time;

4. Enhanced Night Vision: In low illuminated state, turn on “Night Vision” mode and you will get a clearer and enhanced video image.

5. Two-way talk: Communicate with people and pets using the built-in mic and speaker;

Multi. Multi view display: View up to 4 cameras from multiple streamers on one screen at once!

Start. Run at startup and hide at startup: option to run Athome video streamer in background mode;

. A Highly Secured Cloud Service: Protect all your videos and watch them directly in the cloud, enjoy strict protection with an easy-to-use interface. All of your videos have been encrypted before uploading to the cloud, so that critical data is not tampered with.

9. Deadline: Spending time recording will summarize 24 minutes of video, just a short video clip of a few minutes, a quick and easy way to find out what happened in one day.

10. Pan / Tilt: Control your IP camera remotely left and right or up and down to capture an entire house;

11. Support almost all major platforms: the app runs on PC, Android phone, smart TV, etc.

12. High Definition : Athhome now allows a 1280 x 720 resolution to support devices;

13. Protected and private: All connections between your phone and the video streaming device are encrypted.

******* Three steps to setup ********
Prepare 2 devices (computer or smartphone) before you start.

Step 1: Download the Video Capture App Athome Video Streamer app from Google Play and install it on your device. A unique connection ID (known as CID) will also be assigned to the device after the first launch of the Athhome video streamer;

Step 2: Download and install the Viewer app Athhome Camera app on another device that you want to use as a visitor, open the app, sign up and login;

Step 3: To add a camera Select “Add by CID” or “By QR Code”, you are ready to enjoy live streaming!

******** Support *********
Twitter: hoathomecamera
Email: [email protected]
Line: Athomechera

What’s new?

1. Improve the connection speed at the end of the collection and improve the durability of the end connection at the watch

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