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One of the wildest car racing games on the Android platform. Asphalt 8 Airborne Gameloft has developed as an arcade racing game that you can play online as a single player on your mobile or multiplayer. Outside of the brilliant graphics and the cars that you can perform with your cars, this game is bound to keep you locked to your mobile screen.

Gameplay and graphics

The Asphalt series on the mobile platform is one of the most popular race car series and the Gameloft tops the list with high-end graphics and a strong storyline that instead draws the player’s full attention.
The main screen of the game can be a bit intimidating and it takes a while to figure out the various options.
The Pulses 8 Airborne rewards for the techniques you perform while in the air, such as barrel rolls or flat spin jumps. By driving on one of the many angular ramps on the track you can do barrel rolls, the combination of gravity and motion does the rest.

Flat spin jumps are a bit tricky to perfect, as they require you to get out of a ramp while driving (braking at high speeds while driving). The graphics are obscure and enable the game and gameplay to be as realistic as possible.

Game mode

You can play the Asphalt 8 Airbone in a variety of modes, including World Series (multiplayer via the Internet), a local Wi-Fi race, a fast solo race, or career mode.

In career mode, you start with a car and a pretty minimal budget and try to earn more money by winning races and performing strategies. As you go along, you also have the opportunity to pick stars that unlock the next racing events in the season. You can choose 2 more stars for the event based on where you finished the competition (1 star for the third finish, 3 stars for winning the race) and a certain number of events for a certain number of events such as Barrel Rolls, Knockdown, Perfect Nitro trigger etc.,

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