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Stock Game - Capitalism

Stock Game - Capitalism

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(0 Reviews) May 22, 2024
Stock Game - Capitalism Stock Game - Capitalism Stock Game - Capitalism Stock Game - Capitalism Stock Game - Capitalism Stock Game - Capitalism

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May 22, 2024
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More About Stock Game - Capitalism

Experience a stock market game where you can make various investments in a real-time virtual market!
Work - You start at the age of 20. By touching the screen, you receive a salary and incentives, and can additionally invest in falling stock prices or try investing and depositing.
*If you want a harder challenge, try setting your own rule of conquering everything with just your salary.

Stocks - Invest considering economic indicators, corporate market shares, and sales. Rumors and news will either provide opportunities or adversities.
Whether you invest short-term or long-term, the choice is yours.
And if you accumulate a lot of money, become the largest shareholder of a company and directly invest in its technology and marketing to increase its market share (activates largest shareholder mode when holding over 50% of the company's shares).

Futures Market - There are five sectors and each sector has five listed companies. Try investing by looking at the indices and comprehensive index of each sector (correlation with the stock prices of listed companies is 50%).

Economic Indicators - Phases from depression to boom exist. If the indicators are good, the market is likely to grow, and if they're bad, the market is likely to shrink.

Cryptocurrency Market - In this place without indicators, earn big money with quick judgment. Of course, the risk is also high.

Real Estate - Invest in 800 plots of land, build buildings, and create stable income and your own world.

Auction - Land auctions are held from the 2nd to the 15th of each month. Buy at a low price, build a building or sell it to earn profit.

Bond Market - It's a special benefit only in the virtual world. Understand various risk rates and get quick investment results.

Time passes quickly, but if you want time to pass faster, there's also a time jump feature.
If you have conquered everything in the game world, challenge the real-time rankings competing with people all over the world every week, or use the reset button. The money you've saved will be gone, but the expanded trade and gold bars will be preserved.

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