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stats.fm for Spotify

stats.fm for Spotify

1.8.11 by StatsFM B.V.
(0 Reviews) June 08, 2024
stats.fm for Spotify stats.fm for Spotify stats.fm for Spotify stats.fm for Spotify stats.fm for Spotify stats.fm for Spotify

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June 08, 2024
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More About stats.fm for Spotify

Your music, your stats, your story!
With over 10M+ users worldwide, 100M+ stats about tracks, 14M+ albums, and 6M+ artists, gain insights with stats.fm into your most listened songs and artists from every period you can imagine!

↪ stats.fm previously went by the name Spotistats

Don't feel like waiting until the end of the year to see your Spotify Wrapped? Or don't like the design and unuseful info given? No problem, stats.fm is here to show you everything you ever wanted and more!

With Plus it's even possible to view how many times you've listened to your favourite songs!

Discover your listening behavior insights!

All your listening history in one place:
• Your top tracks, top artists, top albums and even top genres
• When you listen (listening clock and more)
• How much you listen (playcounts, minutes/hours streamed)
• What type of music (lively, energetic, etc)
And many more stats and cool graphs

Flex on your friends

You can not only view stats for your own account, but you're even able to search and add your friends and compare your stats with them!

Your personal journey

Detailed & Accurate stats about your beloved songs, artists, or playlists:
• Playcount (how many times and minutes listened)
• How popular the song / artist / playlist is on Spotify
• For artists/albums you can see your top tracks
• What type of music it is (lively, energetic, danceable, instrumental etc)
• The top listeners (who listen to the song / artist / album the most)
• Your lifetime streaming history of that song / artist / album
And many more statistics

In short, Stats.fm for Spotify is the must-have Spotify companion.

Follow us for updates and fun stuff:
Twitter - twitter.com/spotistats
Discord - discord.gg/spotistats
Instagram - instagram.com/statsfm
TikTok - tiktok.com/@statsfm
Reddit - reddit.com/r/statsfm

Note: Some mentioned features require a one-time import of your lifetime streaming history, Spotify is a trademark of Spotify AB. StatsFM B.V. is in no way affiliated with Spotify AB.

Download stats.fm today and start your unforgettable journey!

stats.fm Terms & Conditions: https://stats.fm/terms
stats.fm Privacy Policy: https://stats.fm/privacy

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