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Nora | Security Camera

Nora | Security Camera

by Oreon LLC
(0 Reviews) May 31, 2024
Nora | Security Camera Nora | Security Camera Nora | Security Camera Nora | Security Camera Nora | Security Camera Nora | Security Camera

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May 31, 2024
Oreon LLC
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More About Nora | Security Camera

At least two phones are required for pairing.
Use your phone as a dedicated security camera, enabling you to monitor your house, baby, elderly, pets or wildlife. Supports old phones, tablets, browsers with up to 10 simultaneous devices.

▪️ Real-time monitoring
▪️ End-to-end encryption
▪️ Front and rear camera support
▪️ Motion and sound detection
▪️ Notifications and critical alerts
▪️ Night vision
▪️ Two-way talking
▪️ Flashlight
▪️ Zoom on camera
▪️ and much more for FREE

Real-time monitoring on front and rear camera.
Home security camera app delivers uninterrupted full-screen video for real-time monitoring. Live stream on front or rear camera to help you maintain constant home security. Pinch to zoom on camera.

End-to-end encryption.
All communication is private and encrypted with latest industry-standard end-to-end encryption. Nobody has access to your stream and videos, not even Nora staff.

Motion and sound detection. Upcoming AI detection.
Automatic motion and sound recognition, detection and alert system. Join us in our upcoming release of human, animal, object and biometric AI recognition.

Robust. Reliable. Unlimited coverage.
Security cam app operates seamlessly across Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE networks. In the event of network disruption Nora will reliably and automatically re-establish connection to maintain security monitoring. Robust architecture and a dedicated network infrastructure ensures unlimited and uninterrupted connectivity and uptime.

Night vision. Flashlight.
Automatic night vision (green screen filter at low exposure) helps you keep a watchful eye over your house, even in complete dark. Light up the flashlight remotely for added brightness and clarity.

Alerts and notification.
Get an instant alert and a video clip on your phone whenever a motion or sound is detected. Be notified on critical events such as low battery or connection failure.

Video log, calendar, schedules.
See all video clips of security events, filter by date or create a detection schedule.

Simultaneous multi-device monitoring.
Add multiple devices and monitor all cameras simultaneously. Add custom detection zones to prioritize important areas.

Re-use old phones. Repurpose phone as security cameras.
No need to spend money on CCTV hardware security cameras when you can download and use a fully functional free security cameras app on any phone.

FREE. Including many advanced features.
Nora boasts many advanced features for FREE, without security camera functionality. This Wi-Fi camera app is free to download. Should you like to support our development feel free to try Pro features during the free 7-day trial period. Support us by joining a subscription if you like our security cam app as a free home security camera.

Visit us at oreon.com for more information.

Use your old phone as a security camera. Download this security camera app and repurpose your phone into a home security camera, CCTV camera, baby monitor, elderly monitor, pet camera our an outdoor camera. Pinch to zoom on camera. Best security cameras app for android phone.

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