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MagiScan - AI 3D Scanner app

MagiScan - AI 3D Scanner app

1.8.10 by Magiscan Inc.
(0 Reviews) March 02, 2024
MagiScan - AI 3D Scanner app MagiScan - AI 3D Scanner app MagiScan - AI 3D Scanner app MagiScan - AI 3D Scanner app MagiScan - AI 3D Scanner app MagiScan - AI 3D Scanner app

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March 02, 2024
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More About MagiScan - AI 3D Scanner app

MagiScan is a state-of-the-art 3D scanning app that provides an easy-to-use and efficient solution for capturing real-life objects and turning them into 3D models. The app allows you to scan objects in real-time and save the results in multiple formats including OBJ, STL, FBX, PLY, USDZ, GLB, and GLTF. Also, MagiScan has the capability to export its scanned 3D models to NVIDIA Omniverse platform and integrate them smoothly into Minecraft as block structures.
With MagiScan, you don't need any specialized hardware or technical expertise. All you need is a smartphone camera and the app to get started. Whether you're an artist, designer, or engineer, MagiScan offers a fast and affordable way to create 3D models of real-life objects.

As a new user, you'll get a few scans for free without having to subscribe. This is a great way to get familiar with the app and see the quality of 3D models that MagiScan produces. Once you've used up your free scans, you can subscribe for unlimited access to the app's features.

With MagiScan, you can scan objects of various sizes and shapes, from small toys to large furniture pieces. The app automatically processes the scan data and generates an accurate 3D model. You can then export the model in the format of your choice.

MagiScan App intelligently adapts to your environment: when the luma, or brightness, is insufficient, it automatically activates your smartphone's flash for optimal 3D scanning results

Overall, MagiScan is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to capture real-life objects in 3D. Whether you're an artist looking to bring your designs to life, or an engineer looking to create prototypes, MagiScan provides a fast, easy, and affordable solution.

Minecraft mode

Explore the groundbreaking MagiScan's Minecraft mod - your gateway to a gaming revolution! Effortlessly scan real-world objects, transform them into 3D models, and seamlessly integrate them into your Minecraft world using mods like WorldEdit and Schematica. Pixelate your surroundings, bringing the image of games to life as you embark on epic building, exploration, and schematic quests with a unique perspective and view.

DISCLAIMER: MagiScan is an unofficial app for Minecraft, not endorsed by Mojang AB. Mojang AB is not liable for MagiScan or its purchase. "Minecraft" name, brand, and assets belong to Mojang AB. MagiScan utilizes the term "Minecraft" as a secondary title, and the icon and screenshots are custom-designed, not from the official game assets.

NVIDIA Omniverse support

MagiScan collaborates with NVIDIA Omniverse platform. NVIDIA Omniverse is an open platform for virtual modeling and virtualization in real-time. It enables collaborative work by allowing users to create and edit 3D models, scenes, animations, visualizations, and more together in real-time.

Additionally, MagiScan has developed a plugin for NVIDIA Omniverse called MAGISCAN AI OMNIVERSE EXTENSION, which lets you combine MagiScan's capabilities with Omniverse. This plugin allows you to scan real-world objects with MagiScan and use the obtained data to create detailed 3D models in Omniverse. This unique partnership opens up new possibilities for creating unique and high-quality visual effects in various industries.

If you're interested in creating high-quality 3D models and visualizations in Omniverse, MagiScan and NVIDIA Omniverse are the best choice for you. Download the MagiScan app today and start creating your unique 3D projects!

*** MagiScan PREMIUM ***

MagiScan PREMIUM Subscription offers you 10 additional scans every day. As soon as you subscribe, you will receive your first 10 scans, which will accumulate and stay with you forever.

No more pesky pop-ups interrupting your navigation as this subscription will eliminate them from the app.

Choose a yearly subscription for even greater savings with a substantial discount.

Get the best value for your money and enjoy a hassle-free scanning experience with MagiScan PREMIUM Subscription.

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