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Answer fun and easy questions that drive a huge impact! Progress through levels, unlock badges, and share your achievements along the way! Your voluntary contributions make Google products better in your part of the world. Teach Google Assistant to understand meaning better, improve Google Translate for your language, and help Google Photos identify objects. These are but a few of the ever-growing and diverse types of contributions you can make to improve Google both locally and globally.

Try some of these tasks to join Google's community of contributors:

Handwriting Validation: Tell us if the handwriting matches the text you see.

Reading Handwriting: Tell us if you can identify what the handwriting says.

Handwriting Compare: Compare two styles of handwriting to choose your preference.

Point Verification: Verify that the center point is on top of the subject.

Food Compare: Compare the characteristics of two food images.

Audio Donation: Record your voice to improve speech technology.

Food Facts: Tell us if a food dish has particular characteristics.

Food Labeller: Tell us what food an image contains.

Semantic Similarity: Judge whether two phrases have the same meaning.

Chart Understanding: Judge whether charts are understandable and trustworthy.

Glide Type: Glide your fingers on the keyboard to type the text that you see.

Audio Validation: Listen to a short audio clip and determine if the pronunciation sounds natural in your language.

Image Description: Record your voice describing the images presented to you to improve speech technology.

Image Label Verification: Tell us if images are tagged correctly.

Image Capture: Collect and share photos of your part of the world.

Translation: Translate phrases and words into different languages.

Translation Validation: Select which phrases are translated correctly.

Handwriting Recognition: Look at handwriting and type the text that you see.

Sentiment Evaluation: Decide if a sentence in your language is positive, negative or neutral.

Smart Camera (Android Lollipop 5.0+ required): Point at an object and see if the camera can guess what it is.

Each time you submit an answer, you make Google products more inclusive for years to come. You'll also be rewarded for your help with perks, such as connecting with other contributors at local meetups, receiving exclusive invites to online Hangouts with Googlers and other contributors, and getting featured on Crowdsource's social channels. Whether you're on the train, at a bus stop or waiting in a queue, take some time to make Google better for your local community.

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