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Creality Cloud - 3D Printing

Creality Cloud - 3D Printing

5.10.1 by Creality Cloud
(0 Reviews) May 15, 2024
Creality Cloud - 3D Printing Creality Cloud - 3D Printing Creality Cloud - 3D Printing Creality Cloud - 3D Printing Creality Cloud - 3D Printing Creality Cloud - 3D Printing

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May 15, 2024
Creality Cloud
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More About Creality Cloud - 3D Printing

Introducing the revolutionary Creality Cloud, purpose-built for 3D printing enthusiasts.
Creality Cloud proudly stands as the world's first all-in-one 3D printing platform, offering a rich array of features, including 3D model trading, cloud slicing, remote 3D printer management, and a wealth of tools to empower the creative journey of over a million makers.

Key Features:

🚀 Extensive 3D Model Library
◾ Dive into an expansive repository of 3D printable models, accessible anytime and anywhere.
◾ Monetize your original 3D designs and gain increased exposure through official promotions.
◾ Seize substantial discounts on 3D models for a limited time, ensuring significant savings.
◾ Explore curated 3D model collections from a remarkable assembly of creators.

⭐ Advanced Built-in 3D Slicer
◾ Seamlessly slice 3D models and transform STL files into G-codes, all from your mobile device.
◾ Customize slicer settings and simultaneously process multiple models.
◾ Enjoy a user-friendly 3D viewer on your mobile device.

✅ Empower Your 3D Printers Remotely
◾ Effortlessly manage and monitor your 3D printers from anywhere using your phone.
◾Remote control multiple 3D printers and efficiently distribute print jobs with an intuitive dashboard.
◾ Create captivating time-lapse videos to review the entire 3D printing process.

🎨 A Suite of Maker's Tools
◾ Craft stunning Planet Lamps.
◾ Transform images into captivating Lithophanes.
◾ Design personalized phone number plates.
◾ Create stylish pen holders.

✈️ Join Vibrant 3D Printing Communities
◾ Connect with a vibrant community of millions of 3D printing enthusiasts.
◾ Share your content and seek advice or solutions to enhance your skills.
◾ Participate in exhilarating 3D Design & Print contests to challenge your creative boundaries.
◾ Access a comprehensive library of systematic after-sales videos for easy 3D printer setup.

🤩 Elevate Your Experience with Premium Benefits
◾ Upgrade to a premium membership to unlock an enhanced 3D printing journey.
◾ Gain additional free access to download 200 premium 3D models.
◾ Enjoy expedited 3D model downloads, priority slicing, exclusive 3D product redemptions, personalized birthday gifts, and more.

👉 Additional Features
◾ Earn badges to showcase your 3D printing achievements and receive recognition for your progress.
◾ Embark on premium missions and claim exceptional rewards.

Creality Cloud is an open and free 3D platform for everyone to utilize, share, and engage.

Questions, suggestions, or feedback? Reach out to us at [email protected]. We welcome input from newcomers and seasoned 3D enthusiasts alike.

What's more, we provide opportunities and incentives for skilled and talented 3D designers. Join our Designer Partnership Program or contact us at [email protected].

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Unleash your 3D creativity with Creality Cloud, your ultimate 3D printing companion.

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