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For Apple with advanced functions, download Apply by IVYMBI: Lite can lock apps, photos, videos and other personal data with password lock or pattern lock. IVY Applock Lite A free application lock and secret to prevent intruders and snoopers from peeking into your personal data, encrypting your gallery to hide sensitive photos and videos, keeping kids or snoopers from messing with your settings, deleting important items or buying apps. is. Customize the app lock settings as you wish, making a small Apple more secure and smarter to lock all privacy.

Applock Lite can lock all Android applicationsIncluding:
– Social applications: Applock Lite can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat and more. No one else can peek into your private chat.
– System Applications: Applock Lite can lock contacts, SMS, gallery, video, email and more. No one can tamper with your settings for system applications.
– Android Pay Apps: Applock Lite can lock Android Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal and more. No one can use your wallet to buy anything.
– Other applications: Applock Lite can lock any third party application including Gmail, YouTube, Games. Completely protect your privacy.
Applock Lite can lock photos and videos.
After locking the Gallery and Video app, no intruder can peek into your personal photos and videos. No worries about privacy leaks.
Applock Lite provides invisible pattern locks and random keyboards. No one can peek into your password or pattern. Completely safe!

1. How do I set my password for the first time?
Open App Applock Lite -> Draw a Pattern -> Confirm Pattern; Or
Open Applock Lite-> Enter PIN Code -> Confirm PIN Code
Note: Allow access to use Applock Lite for Android 5.0+ -> Find Applock -> Allow Access
2) How do I change my password?
Open Applock Lite-> Settings
Password Reset password -> Enter new password -> Re-enter password
3. What should I do if I forget my Applock Lite password?
Now you can reinstall Applock Lite if you forget your password.

Applock Lite Highlights:
Fre lock frequency:
– You can set Applock Lite Always lock / 5 minutes / Customize run lock frequency up to screen off mode, more user friendly.

Power saving:
Save 50% of phone power after enabling power saving mode on Applock Lite.

More features to come soon, please stay tunedIncluding:
-Screen lock: Use the same applock password to lock the screen of a more powerful phone.
-Photo Vault: Locked personal photos will be moved from the gallery to Photo Vault.
-Video Vault: Locked private videos will be moved from the gallery to the Video Vault.
– Intruder Selfie:
+ Take pictures of intruders trying to break into your phone
+ Record time and data for Apple to check
– Replace applock icon:
+ Replace the applock icon with alarm clock, weather, calculator, calendar and notepad on the home screen. Snoopers are easy to confuse and privacy is protected.
– App camouflage:
+ Use or force a fingerprint lock to confuse more secure intruders.
+ Force Stop shows a fake crash screen for those who want to access your phone
+ Fingerprint lock blocks unauthorized access

Facebook: Apply Ivy

To become a volunteer tester, enjoy the latest version of Applock Lite in advance and help us improve our Applock Lite to provide a better user experience.

Applock Lite uses accessibility services to save batteries.

Feel free to contact us if you have a better localization translation for Apollo Lite and its description, or any questions or suggestions: [email protected]

What’s new?

1. Reduces memory usage of Applock Lite
2. Improved applock durability
3. Customized applock lock screen layout

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