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Application Backup Restore uses accessibility services to improve the Auto Uninstall feature on some devices.
Auto-backup, restore, and transfer your applications and personal data for this Free.
Application Backup Restore – Transfer Assistant to a general AP.
Application Backup Restore – Transfer Cannot back up or restore your applicationsInformation, It is an APK assistant that can back up APP files Only.
The easiest Backup & Restore Applications 、 Contacts কল SMS phone Call logs to internal storage of phone / external SD card.
Upload and download backups to Google Drive .
Never lose your data again!

Application Backup Restore – can transfer Backup and restore Apk files of applications that are not often used to store phone storage. The easiest Backup and restore Multiple versions to avoid unnecessary updates.Backup and restore Personal data for protection. ICloud Backup and Restore For data protection. Transfer and share APK file in Android device

★ Editor choice
No. “Top 10 Android Backup Apps phone Save Phone Storage to Backup Android!” – Android authority
No. 1 Easy Backup and Restore APP Assistant “10 Best Android Backup App Assist” – Thomas’s Guide

Local / Cloud Backup and Restore
✓ APK Backup and Restore
Backup Contacts Backup and restore
SMS backup and restore
Back up and restore call logs

Transfer and share in seconds
✓ Send and receive APK
Acts Contact sending and receiving
Sending and receiving SMS
Sending and receiving call logs

• Backup, restore, transfer, share batches
• Batch backup and restore to phone’s internal storage by default
SD batch backup and restore to SD card or USB
Upload and download from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
Ks is the easiest backup and apps, restore personal data
Auto backup and send files to third party platforms
Extract and recover APK files
Fer transfer and share backup
Overwrite, downgrade application versions
All always auto app-backup tools
Set up an automatic backup list to automatically back up apps
W Create and share private WiFi hotspots
Share with Izz wireless transfer and dezing speed
Updates with autobackups and notifications
লোড Upload / download with Google Drive notification
Iest Easy Apps and System Apps Recovery
Scan the APK files stored on your phone
More Scan viruses for more protection
Check Touch and hold the application to check the details
Manage Applications via Installed, Archived, Drive
To sort the application assistant by name, date, size
Show the size and time and version of the backup backups
Show used and total system and file storage
Phone recovery after factory reset, Samsung, Micromax, etc. supported
All kinds of apps are supported, including games, tools, social media, etc.

Application Backup Restore – Cannot transfer backups, restores, transfer data or settings of applications, it can only restore APP files for batch backup and save phone storage.
App Backup Recovery – Transfer can only restore previously backed up app files
Application Backup Restore – Cannot automatically transfer backups to personal data, auto backup applications.
Application Backup Restore – Transfer can only do automatic backups on RAM and SD card, automatic backups cannot be achieved in the cloud.
Please back up to SD card or cloud before factory reset or all backups will be deleted due to system limitations.
For Android 4.4 and above, Google reserves the right to write to an SD card. It is now only approved for Google and cellphone manufacturers.

Permission requested:
Read Contacts / SMS / Phone to backup batch and restore personal data (Contacts 、 SMS 、 Call logs)
Read WiFi / Bluetooth / GPS to enable the transfer and share feature
Request privacy privacy permissions to enable virus scan and backup of Google Drive

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