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App Shareer is a perfect app that helps you share apps with your friends. Thanks to this application you can share application links and apk files.
Application Features
Apk files via sharing application market links, email, dropbox, google drive, bluetooth, facebook, twitter etc.
Selection Multiple selection and sharing features,
Aching caching feature (you can disable this feature by selecting ‘quick share’ in settings),
★ Now clear cache feature,
Cache size is used in Settings,
Run the selected application feature,
Sharing Web Sharing Features
Block web sharing using the Cell Cellular Data feature,
La void sharing.
Reset settings

Sharing options
A) APK and link: Google Play Store shares url and apk files
B) Address: Sha only shares application url
c) Curecode: The app’s encoded Google Play Store shares the URL.
d) APK with Expansion Files: Splits applications with expansion files
E) Copy to folder: Copy the selected applications to the selected folder
F) Copy to folder with expansion files: Copy selected applications to the selected folder with expansion files

Pro Features
Expansion Sharing applications with extension files that are larger than 100MB in size,
. Move .ob extension files to default folder with Smart Tools
Ad-free, clean use


Sharing applications
You can share applications through the apps you want to share, rather than selecting ‘Share’ in the open menu, ‘Share selected apps’ or clicking Applications. When you’re ready to share apps, you can share apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. on your phone or share via Bluetooth with other devices. You can cancel processing sharing. All sharing options are under the ‘Other Options’ menu item.

Application sharing options
Link: You can share Google Play Market url of applications with this feature.
QR Code: This feature allows you to share Google Play Market URL KRC code of applications.
APK and Link: This feature allows you to share apps’ APK files and Google Play Market URLs with this feature.
APK with Expansion Files: This feature allows you to share apps’ APK files, Expansion Files, and Google Play Market URLs with this feature.
Web Sharing: You can share apps on the web through your own App Store

Extension file
Android apps have expansion files other than apk files which are more than 100MB in size of apps. These applications cannot run without expansion files. Your phone must have an expansion file. Expansion files have OBB extensions.

Moving extension file
‘App Share + Pro’ has a feature to open and remove .ob extension files. After installing the apk file you should install the obb file before the open application. When you select the .bb file ‘App Share + Pro’ then ‘Do you want to move the expansion file to the default path?’ When prompted, you should select ‘Yes’ rather than start the .bb file. Your application is ready to start when it is finished.

What’s new?

P2P Web Sharing Search and Connected Features Added.
★ Tiled application list added.
Improves application loading performance

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