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Concerned that you might lose your phone? Anti-theft alarms allow you to protect your phone before it’s lost or stolen.

Anti-theft alarm makes your phone useless to the thief even after restarting it to the thief, changing the SIM and battery.

Are you worried that someone will access your phone and see all your personal information?

Are you worried that someone is checking your phone regularly?

Do your friends abuse your phone (text, Facebook and email, etc.) without your permission?

Do you hate interrogators that always try to access your phone?

Use a theft alarm if no one wants to use your phone without your permission.

For use:
1) If someone disconnects your phone while it is charging, a loud siren will help prevent theft.
2) At work, you can leave your phone on your laptop and if someone tries to touch your laptop or phone, an alarm will immediately avoid them.
3) You can protect your phone from being stolen or taken out of your pocket while traveling on public transport.
4) The theft alarm can be used to surprise your colleagues and friends who access your phone without consent.
5) The theft alarm can be used to prevent your kids and family members from using your phone when you are not around.
)) If the thief changes the SIM card, an alarm will sound which will last until the right password is entered.

1) The thief cannot close the app without knowing your password or reduce the amount of alarm.
2) Siren will restart your phone even if you restart and change the SIM.
3) A loud alarm is triggered even when your phone is in silent mode.
4) When the alarm is activated the phone vibrates and the screen fla flares similar to the police light
5) Alarm listening options and lots of other settings available for customization.
)) Notification is displayed to the user as soon as the charger is connected.

When the loud alarm is triggered:
1) The charger is disconnected from your phone
2) If your phone is moved from its place
3) When your phone is stolen, or falls out of your pocket
4) SIM card is changed by the robber

Thieves beware of this application.

The best app to protect your phone from robbers.

Note: This app does not claim that it can completely avoid theft. It is the responsibility of the owner to be careful, but using this app you can avoid theft.

Please email us with any suggestions or feedback and we will respond shortly.

Email ID: [email protected]
Ralok Technologies

What’s new?

-> The only anti-theft alarm app, the alarm can’t be stopped just by turning off the app.
-> Android N7.1.1 API 25 has been updated to support Nougat
-> Fixed bugs reported by our users
-> User interface upgrade
-> Improves theft detection functionality from pockets and hand bags
-> Detects SIM card changes and notifies the owner with new SIM details

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