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This service is like a system that enables other forms of wireless connection to your phone (e.g., WiFi, NFC) and you will not run or use system resources without starting an application that requires ANT wireless communication. It is pre-installed by your device manufacturer to allow you to manage the built-in ANT wireless hardware already on your mobile device. If you do not plan to use this feature, your system will not be affected and no further action will be required.If this service is not pre-installed on your phone, you may still be able to enable ANT + communication, see for more information.

What is ANT?

ANT is a highly capable wireless communication technology. ANT lets you connect and use a variety of other ANT or ANT + devices. Today, this service allows you to connect to popular interchangeable ANT + sports / fitness / health devices such as heart rate sensors, fitness equipment, cycling products, weight scales and more. In the future it will be possible to use ANT to enable the existence of countless new applications such as home automation control of illumination, temperature and door lock functions from your mobile device. See for more information.

How to use:

This system service cannot be started directly. It will run automatically in the background whenever an application is needed that requires ANT wireless communication.
ANT + enabled applications usually need to download ANT + plugins

Some popular applications developed with ANT +:
* Samsung S Health
* Garmin Fit 6
* Sports tracker by STL
* Endomando
* My tracks
* Run.GPS Trainer UV
* IPbike, iPwatts, iPPeloton, IPSmart HR
* Selfloops
* Sportypal
* MapMyFitness / Ride / Run / Walk + / Hike / Dogwalk

Developing ANT applications:

ANT is a very low power wireless technology that is great for low data rate applications such as sensors, monitors, beacons, commands and controls etc. Developing applications for ANT + devices is much easier using our ANT + plugin API. These APIs are free to use. More information is available at

Required Android permissions:

Full network access: ANT radio service will never download or upload to the Internet. This permission is only required because ANT radio services can be installed on an Android emulator (eg for development needs), but using an ANT requires access to the Internet socket to communicate with an ANT USB stick on the host Windows PC requires Android emulator tools. This communication requires Internet permission but only communicates with the local PC.

Change system settings: This allows you to start whether the ANT should be turned on or off when entering airplane mode.

Bluetooth admin: Some hardware configurations may require communication with Bluetooth at the ANT system level. However this service will not start Bluetooth scans or make Bluetooth connections.

More info:
* ANT and ANT + in general
* Android ANT iPhone/
* ANT + Certified Apps
* Other ANT + certified products

Please send any questions [email protected] Because it is difficult to answer all the questions in the review

What’s new?

Note: This service may have been pre-installed by your device manufacturer to allow you to manage the ANT wireless hardware already present on your mobile device. If you do not use this feature, it will be disabled.

– Support more personal network keys
-Miscellaneous bug fixes

[Full changelog coming on our GitHub SDK README.]

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