Animals coloring book APK download

Animals coloring book APK download

With the Animals coloring book app you can paint pictures of animals and relax while doing it. It has background music and sound effects and many more amazing features. Very suitable for kids.
Children If the application is used by children, it is recommended to purchase the premium version (no ads). Only about 1 USD.

Use the instructions
Ing Select a drawing template to color.
Use the color palette you like.
Drawing Color the drawing by tapping each gap in the drawing.
Details Use the zoom and pan to get closer to the details.
You can share, save, make a copy, etc.

✔ The image lets you zoom / pan using tweezers.
Background You can enable or disable background music and sound effects.
Changes You can undo / revert changes (unlimited actions).
. All your color drawings are automatically saved to your internal memory or SD card (folder: / mimez /).
Internet You can download from the Internet or draw any drawings on your device.
Your drawings can be shared with your contacts at any time. Share and surprise your friends with your creativity!
You can also color the outer part of the drawing.

For any comments or suggestions, please send an email. Thanks!

APK download

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