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This is a free version of ANDY (Voice Assistant)

EndY is an intelligent personal assistant, knowledge navigator and voice control software designed for Android devices (phones / tablets) with a rapidly growing user base (several thousand users and about 50 thousand subscribers).

Andy can send text messages, initiate phone calls, give directions and literally answer any question you may have. It covers most of the information related to Wikipedia but you can ask about weather and time, get answers to algebra related questions, convert units. If English is not your first language, it’s smart enough to answer questions, designing it to pick up the most relevant information.

To ask a question or place an order, tap the microphone button on the app’s home screen. Alternatively, you can shake your device a bit (this requires shake recording option enabled) or just type your own question to get the answer. Andy will recognize your voice and speech, look for the best possible answer and read it back to you in a clear voice. The answers will appear on the screen of your device with additional details including video, URL and more details that you can read if you like.

Additionally, Andy also works with most A2DP Bluetooth headsets.

Just to name some of its voice features:
– Ask any questions
– Call anyone in your address book
– Sending email messages via voice
– Read text messages and your latest messages via voice
– Get information from celebrities and celebrities
– Film and music questions
– Open the installed Android applications
– Control Android features and functions
– Browse the Internet using voice
– Use the calendar
– Get coordinates and location details (below any address)
– Currency conversion and live exchange and stock rates
– Definition of words
– Covers device hardware details
– Get directions to nearby places (restaurants, stores, etc.)
– Supports distance measurement (from one place to another)
– Search live flight status
– Ask about upcoming holidays
– Provides interesting information (science, medicine, etc.)
– Support for live gold, silver, platinum and palladium spot prices
– Ask any math related questions
– Translate any English word or sentence into more than 60 languages
– Play music on your device, etc.

You can even teach Andy your name, set alarms and wake-up times, set reminders, get sports results, get sunset / sunrise (for any city), date and time in any world city, restaurant tips Can count and much more …
You might even ask questions like: ‘Do I need an umbrella?’, Or how to spell Andy.

Give us a try!

Here is a complete list of all the features:

Important: Andy (Voice Assistant for Android), although similar in functionality and often compared to Google Now, Apple or Microsoft Cortana products, is in no way officially affiliated with Google, sponsored, approved, approved, not approved. ., Apple Inc. Or Microsoft Corporation.

Flippa: f05d603ddd

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Before leaving the rating, please check Andy’s manual on and the FAQ pages about how to use the program. If you are not sure about something, email us here [email protected], We will try our best to help you.

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