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AMC Security (aka Advanced Mobile Care) is the # 1 all-in-one mobile security and booster application for Android phones and tablets. Relying on more than 20,000,000 users, AMC Security RAM, Clean Junk Files, Transparent Cache to free up phone storage, Improve auto-started applications, Save battery, Clean Junk notifications help improve your device’s performance. AMC Protection also provides real-time protection against malware, phishing websites, and the privacy and payment protection of your mobile.
* # 1 All-in-One Android Clean and Boost app
Trusted by over 20,000,000 users
* Supports 38 languages

All features of AMC protection:
– Clean and customize in one tap
– Phone and game booster
– Power booster
– Battery saver
– Notification cleaner
– Charging screensaver
– Watchman
– Payment protection
– Anti-phishing
– Anti-theft
– Web Security
– Privacy Locker
– Call / SMS blocker
– Application Manager
– Clean and user-friendly UI

Application Features:

Scan and clean
AMC Security offers two types of scans to optimize and free up more storage for your phone. One-tap smart scan Helps to promote all cached junk, privacy records, remaining files, useless APL files and running applications. Deep search Clear extra large files, downloaded files and thumbnail files by increasing the performance of your device to the top.

Notification cleaner
Clear out unnecessary and annoying notifications

Phone booster
Help encourage apps running in the background and clear your RAM (memory) to improve your device with one tap.

Game helper
Play smooth games without backing up your gaming speed and experience.

Power booster
Boost auto-restart applications to free up more memory.

Battery saver
Initial mode and Ultimate mode, Day and Night mode also help save more phone battery.

Iobit Cloud Services provides a plugin that is updated in real time so that whenever you access a site identified as phishing, it will help you keep the strategies out.

Help lock and alarm your lost device instantly by sending a message with ‘alarm #’ and password from another device. If you fail to find your device in the above way, you can still detect the data and delete the data.

Payment guard
Help find copying apps so you can uninstall them before money is stolen. It protects you all in the background once you launch the payment application.

Web security
Block websites with malware, malicious URLs, and fraudulent content, and Iobit Cloud will alert you immediately to the danger.

Remind you to enable Wi-Fi protection that can test Wi-Fi encryption methods, ARP spoofing and even MITM. It also reviews other important device settings and offers unsafe advice.

Call / SMS blocker
Block harassment or unwanted calls and spam messages.

Privacy Locker
Protect your privacy and protect your information from prying eyes.

Application manager
Manage all applications and APK files to free up more storage.

Note: An AMC Protection Pro account can be used on multiple devices simultaneously when you update to version 5.0.

Customer service
You may want to know the FAQ here:

If you have any problems or suggestions regarding the use of AMC protection, please email us at: [email protected]) Or tap Response to get an answer within 24 hours.

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What’s new?

– New notification cleaner to clean up annoying notifications
– Charging screensaver added
– Android 1.1 and then the new connected shortcut (long-term AMC protection icon press)
– Fixed occasional failure to disable show notification bar

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