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Quran teacher
Description All new Quran tutor app offers you to recite Holy Quran (Tartil and Hifz) (see Yuzu Amma, Surat Al-Fatihah, Ayat Pralap, last three verses of Al-Baqarah and first ten verses of Surat Al-Kahf)
The application will use its own voice using the edge of speech recognition technology for the Arabic language
Judge your recitation and pronunciation. The Quran Tutor app will show you your mistakes (if any)
Red or black and gray, red means you didn’t pronounce that word, gray means you
Introduce it incorrectly, when black means you pronounced that word correctly. Although a
The reader who memorizes the Qur’an needs other teachers who listen to his recitation and give oral instructions.
To handle this problem incorrectly, ICRA researchers have designed and developed the Holy Quran Tutor (Al-Molem).
And test it. Thanks to Icara researchers and new technologies and innovations
Engineers. The goal of this innovative technology is to carry an effective support
Holy Quran recitation is self-learning. The challenging feature about Telawah Tutor is that it can
Identify and fully diagnose errors in your Quran recitation – if any – ose Quran Teacher
Offered in Arabic, English, Dutch, French, Russian and Malay user interface and other versions offered
About 54 different languages ​​will be developed in the future
So those are trying
If you are learning Holy Quran and get stuck in a word, you just click
Sound and relevant audio will play.
I don’t know what else we can do.

What’s new?

1. Add the original explanation
2. Accelerator in the presentation of Quran pages
3. Add the option to download all Quran pages
4. Improve the performance of the MP3 player
5. Fixed a bug

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