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Al Ethan is a very accurate application for locating prayer time according to user location
Al-Ethan: Prayer Times Adan Salat is the appropriate Ethan application that identifies the user’s location and gives prayer times based on it.
It is very useful and hereditary
We have created it for every Muslim in the world to help them with daily prayers, compasses
There are many more options in the app for every Muslim as well as Ethan
It contains Qibla, Compass, Qibla Directions, Tafsir Ahlam, you can send e congratulatory cards
Also Al Musbiha helps you to remember Allah in every moment and much more
Al Ethan is very precise and you can use it without internet to locate your location because it has three myths to calculate prayer time based on GSM network and WiFi detection based on internet or GPS activated GSM network and WiFi detection
Al Ethan also contains some other unique options such as select your favorite Ethan Voice Notifier and you can activate Ethan during prayer in 10 minutes
You can activate the exchange even if the phone is in silent mode
There is a calendar for prayer times based on your location
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