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If you have a rooted Android phone, AddAway will be your sail. It is a free and open source ad-blocker that works at the file level of the host. When an application or webpage makes a request to a specific ad provider, it instead goes to a blank IP address ( This protects your bandwidth and IP from being spammed by ads.

One of the best things about this Adblocker app is that it updates the host file periodically. So it doesn’t need to run in the background to block ads which is especially convenient for older phones. So if you have problems with your ads while browsing the internet or watching videos, this app can be seen as a suitable solution for adblocking. Root your Android phone with this Kingo route.

Download the add-on to block ads

Adware is not available on the Android Play Store but you can easily download it here by clicking the download button above. Once the APK file downloads just install it and you better go. And for those who want to keep their own updated host files used to block ads. AddAway supports adding these sources for loading or even autoloading.

The application has a simple interface with one click adblocking. Click the add-blocking button to enable the blocking feature on your main mobile phone. You can also scan your phone for adware supported applications such as various free games installed on your phone. Once you click to scan the application will give you a list of all installed applications with adware.

Basically, this app is designed to make browsing faster and more secure by blocking ads, popups and trackers. You can improve the speed of your phone and enhance your online experience. Let us know if you liked the app by rating and commenting below. Read more about addaways FAQs.

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