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If there are pages that tell you that your phone has a virus, they are generated by malicious advertising through false ads! Please go to our application, swipe the control panel, go to “Settings” – “Response” – “General” – “Forced to install Tricod or S Security” and discover where we can get the promotion. Thanks for your cooperation! S Protection is an application that brings the best protection for the user regarding mobile security, anti-virus and privacy protection. With the help of S Security, your phone will be completely safe. Never worry about malware attacks and privacy leaks.

S protection Featured:

Sophisticated anti-virus process – Real-time detection in the presence of viruses, immediate location of suspicious behavior and thorough clearing of dangerous files.

S. Real-time protection – Block any suspicious app behavior and files, avoid malware attacks from all sides including Wi-Fi protection and storage protection

Completely clean – Scan every corner of your phone storage for old files, trash and dangerous files and click a full scale.

Extensive applock system – Lock every app with personal information that you don’t want others to see, providing you with the protection of your privacy.

Phone boost – Turn off background running apps and free RAM, increase phone speed.

Privacy Cleaner – Clear all your browsing history, never worry about privacy leaks.

Junk file cleaner – Clean all junk generated by the app and speed up your phone.

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What’s new?

Is there a page that tells you that your phone has a virus, Please go to our application, swipe the control panel, go to “Settings” – “Response” – “General” – “Forced to install Tracked or S Security” and we can identify where the promotion comes from. Thanks!
1. WiFi Auto Scan helps you secure your network

1. Add WiFi-speed measurement
2. Display network status, learn more about network usage

1. Optimize Applock’s functionality
2. Add system lock

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