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ABC Spelling is a colorful and easy-to-use educational game that helps young children learn the alphabet, listen to words, and associate letters with pictures. Play anytime and anywhere, it only takes a moment to turn on your phone and help your child learn ABC!

One features three games:

An image will appear on the screen with the characters described above. The children match the letters at the top by picking the spelling of the words in the correct order from the tiles below.

Fill in the blanks:
Kids spell the name of the picture using letters on the screen. There is only one catch, though: all the letters have jumped!

Spell blank:
The letters are kept at the bottom of the screen, but this time there is no clue at the top!

The ABC spelling was created with both adults and children in mind. Kids will love the bright graphics, easy to touch on icons and fun cartoons. Parents will love the report card feature that helps track learning progress.

After all, ABC Spell-Spells and Phonics are absolutely free without third party ads, payouts or other interruptions.

– Fun, educational activities for kids, kids and parents alike!
– Colorful graphics and great animations to help kids learn.
– Words to help children learn vocabulary for letters and words.
– Report cards show the progress of learning so that parents can help their children at all times.
– Parents have full control over setting options and customizing game modes to make learning more effective.
– Collect stickers to celebrate learning achievements!

Note to parents:
Spelling ABC is an emotional project for us. We want to reach out to kids around the world and give them an educational advantage. Children in cities, towns, and even remote areas where cellphones are more common than in schools, may benefit from this national education application. There are many children who lack proper schooling and that is why we want to remove as many obstacles as possible to help them learn.

As parents, you can do much to spread the joy of our education. Share this app with friends, family, school, day-care, non-profit organizations, or just post on Facebook or Twitter. A share, a tweet, can make a huge difference.

We ourselves aim to create free educational applications for parents and children. We need your help to do this. Every child should have the opportunity to learn the basics of spelling, sounds and numbers. Together, we can give countless kids a chance they never had. Thanks!

– Greetings from parents at RV AppStudio

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