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8 Ball Pool is a traditional themed game of pool played online in real-time with other players. The game is based on American billiards style game where you can choose either full color balls or strips. Once you pocket all the balls you go for 8 black colors. You can play against Facebook Friends in a one-on-one game.

Or enter the tournament using coins that will enable you to win prizes in the form of coins or pool formulas. Read more about 8 balls Tournaments. Once you have picked up your ball with full color or strip pockets you need to pocket 1 to 7 balls. So will your opponent.

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The one who pockets his own ball first as balls will go after the queen or the eighth ball. The player who first pockets their selected ball then pockets the black ball is that player. You have to make pocket calls when going for the queen. All you have to do to make a pocket call is to click on the pocket that you want to bowl the ball to.

As soon as your turn comes a timer will start around your profile picture start play before your shot is finished otherwise your opponent shot is rewarded. Similarly in the 8 ball pool, if you pocket the white cue ball, your opponent will get a free ball and the cue ball can play their shots anywhere on the table.

You also have to remember that the white ball in the pool of 8 balls always hits the ball of your choice first. If White doesn’t make contact with a ball of his own before hitting your opponent’s ball, or it misses everything on the table. This will be considered a foul in the 8 ball pool and your opponent will get a free ball.

When you play the game you will unlock great items like tables and hints that will give your game avatar a unique personality. And finally, you need to download the game to know more about it. So click the download button above and instantly download 8 ball pools to your mobile.

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