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3C is the toolbox Of course the application For every Android user and every root user

The 3C toolbox combines many great applications into one giant toolbox with a great and easy-to-use interface. The 3C toolbox contains all the tools you need to monitor, control, and fine-tune all your Android devices. Save € 25 or পেয়ে 30 by getting a 3C toolbox Many individual applications instead.

To get the fastest and most friendly support in the Play Store, please send a request for help from the app settings, and help and support by mentioning your concerns. Over 85% of all users gave it a complete 5 star review with a global rating of 4.8! ★★★★★

3C Toolbox combines many features from other great apps with a nice interface and will run on all your Android devices: http://www.3c71.com/

Permissions details: http://www.3c71.com/perms
Works best on root phones, also works well on stock phones

Pro-only feature
Hide any tabs or menu items
Edit original screen buttons up to 4 × 6 grid
Pick apps in Multiple / Automatic Selection, Application Manager and (Root) Explorers
Auto backup updated apps and new app notifications
Recording items and options
Use Force-Stop in Task Manager and Task-Killer
Create multiple schedules, watchdogs and profiles
Automatic battery identifier and handles multiple batteries
Notification shortcut to access any feature from status notification
Additional widgets: 2 × 1 text, 2 × 1-5 × 2 graphic, 4 × 1-1 × 4 toggles and 4 × 4 summary
No ads

Special support
Dual battery device
LG Quick Circle (gauge or quick control)
Galaxy Edge device

Integrate toolbox
Battery storage and performance optimization
Profiles to control the status of CPU, IO and device
Manage applications from anywhere

Device Manager
Device profile to easily and quickly configure your device
Task scheduler for performing app management, memory clean-up and performance booster
Device watchers can automatically activate a profile, manage tasks, or display alarms
Device battery statistics to compare battery usage between profiles

File Explorer*
Batch Copy / Paste, Zip, Delete, Remove, Share and Stream Files and Folders
Change file / folder permissions, ownership and security context
Access all your samba network shares

Application manager*
Backup and verify application apk / data, SMS and call logs
System Application Uninstaller and Update Cleaner
Share apps via email, Dropbox, GDrive, etc …
Move any application to user, system or SD card
Freeze / freeze applications, crystallize and control application launches and events
Zip Alignment, Clear Cache, Delete Dalvik-Cache, Fix Permissions and Optimize Databases
Control app notifications, permissions, access, rotation, full-screen and loud screen on
Search your battery drawing apps (statistics)

Network Manager
Set WiFi access point priority
* Configure Android Firewall, TCP Congestion and DNS

Work manager
Sort by different uses
Kill or force shut down any application or kernel process

CPU Manager*
From single core to octa-core and much more
Thermal and multi-core settings

System manager*
Configure SD card cache and IO scheduler, memory management and custom kernel settings
build.prop and sysctl editors.

Observation and recording
All application activity and costs
Component states (connection, localization and phone)
Status bar notification with graphics
Remove original battery icon (need to be exposed)

Highly configurable widgets
Resizable gauge widget
1 × 1 text
Toggle 1 × 1

System component switch (Widget or profile)
You can turn on / off about 20+ elements manually or automatically using profiles

Terminal emulator and script editor
Run any scripts option
Share scripts, commands and output

System logkat and kernel reader*
Advanced filtering and search

* Requires root and kernel support for full features

What’s new?

If you have a problem, please send details using the application settings, help and support requests from Help
Various bug fixes and improvements
Various bug fixes

New ROM Director (build.prop, font, etc.)
New font changer / downloader er
Backup options per new application

Fix the Move / Clean apps on the system
Fix battery statistics on rootless devices

New SMSEND_SMS permission for sending alerts (device watchdog)

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