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USA today offers a top-class AR hologram rocket launch experience in our 321 launch app.

Our space experts from Florida Today are your guide through this one-of-a-kind experience During a live launch, watch an AR rocket liftoff off a flat surface, as the animated hologram shows you what the real rocket is doing in real-time. Telemetry data creates a predictable flight path that allows you to track the speed, acceleration and altitude of the active launch of AR Live, simply pointing your phone to the sky. Tap on the live video coverage of the launch and follow the live commentary as you watch from anywhere in the world.

Also check out our launch simulation as the space expert guides you through the interactive rocket assembly, reading the launch-pad and starting the journey towards the exosphere before disassembling and re-entering. You control a launch mission in this interactive AR experience and learn what it takes to launch a rocket from the Kennedy Space Center.

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