30 Small Surah Bangla – ৩০টি বাংলা ছোট সূরা APK Download

30 Small Surah Bangla - ৩০টি বাংলা ছোট সূরা APK Download
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In the application, some short surahs of the Holy Quran have been arranged. It is not easy to memorize the pronunciation of the big surah Bangla so the small surah with the pronunciation of Bengali is given in our app. You can easily learn the Bengali translation of Namaz and Surah and short Surah here. You can learn about the virtues of Surah. Small surahs of Quran are beautifully arranged in this app. You can easily learn from 30 verses of Amal and 30 verses of Bengali pronunciation. You can say this from Surah. There is for the convenience of your understanding. You can easily learn short surahs of prayers. If you want, you can download the sura apps and read them offline later.

With the help of 30 Surahs you can recite Durood Sharif and Kalima here. It will be very easy for children to learn suras. The last three verses of Surah Hashr, including Ayatul Kursi and Doa Qunoot, have been given. You can learn. You can use our app as a prayer book. You can memorize Surah Fatiha and Surah Ikhlas from here. For your convenience, I’ll do an app with short melody audio up front. You can easily memorize suras from Bengali sura books. There are teachings on how to pray and there are small surahs and surah kahf that we need to know.

Hope you can learn a lot from the small sura app and you will like it a lot, you must inspire us with 5 stars, thank you for staying with us.

Short Surah is an educational applicant. You can easily read or learn small surah bangla using these applications small you can learn namazar surah bangla here. Short Surah Audio is also included soon. This is a Bengali Surah Software this. We have added Surah Kawthar Bangla and .Surah Ikhlas Bangla in this app but all Muslim people can easily understand ang Bangla Surah Yasin has also been added to this app Looks good B Bangla Surah application is an Islamic application his This application will teach the benefits of Kalema Bangla or Bangla Surah and the blessings of Quran 30 30 short Surahs for prayers or Surah Fatiha can be read offline mode. This app can be helpful for you.

So, download and install these 30 short sura nd and if you like our apps please give us five stars and share it with your friends han thank you.

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