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ক্যালরি ও ডায়েট APK download

ক্যালরি ও ডায়েট APK download
It is a very easy to use body which is very easy to use, keeping BMI, BMR in body, in the correct range of weight. Important tips for body weight reduction can be found in the app. It also helps you to plan your well-being, protect body beauty, learn how to diet, and evaluate food and energy.

Diabetes, heart disease, lack of vitamins, hypertension, heart block, stroke, cancer are one of the most serious causes of fatigue in the body. So doctors always warn that they do not keep the embryo more. The main reason for the body’s weakness, or stomach weakness, abdominal gas, anxiety, anxiety, indigestion, vomiting, sleep loss, high blood pressure, muscle aches, bone loss etc. are the main reasons for body weight, Too much to eat and eat more than the carrots nationally worthless. Therefore, when diet is recommended to eat less than starch and meat, eat more than fish, meat, eggs etc.

Whether you are fat or with health calculator By knowing how much fat should remain, decide the goal of regular exercises including regular walks of healthy nutrition,

App contains two food listings (common and detailed). You also have to keep the necessary mineral salt (eg potassium-rich foods). What is the true protein of the body? How to cook delicious food to diet? What happens if we yarn in a healthy way? How many calories are there in the food every time? They must also know.

Choose from your diet every day to agree to your daily nutritional value. Delicious cooking preparations have been added to the diet recipe. Apart from this, there are other methods of formatting the app, from which the matching routine itself can be made. The app is equally beneficial for children, old people, teenagers, teenagers, boys, girls or adult men and women.

Body mass index is calculated by dividing the body weight (kg) of height (meters). If the formation of the body is not correct from this formula, then know exactly how much it can be.

Basal metabolic rate or BMM, the amount of caloric intake of energy demand in the body during complete rest.
To find out, your age, sex or sex, height and weight in weight should be known to the 4th.

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