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وزارة الداخلية الأردنية MOI APK Download

وزارة الداخلية الأردنية MOI APK Download

About system:
The new electronic system is part of the e-government program to develop and implement intergovernmental e-services provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Department of Nationality and Foreign Affairs and the Department of Investment) and the Ministry of Home Affairs in collaboration with the Department of Residency and Border / Public Security. Other government departments. These services are divided into the following groups:
Visa service
Ual Annual Accommodation Service
Travel Emergency travel documents
Electronic systems provide government with many benefits that achieve e-government goals, the most important of which are:
Individuals provide better services to individuals and businesses through more frequent electronic services
Improving the level of provision of services and increasing the level of transparency in transactions
Provide process for public sector efficiency and productivity enhancement and performance monitoring (KPI)
Time saves time, effort and expense
Reducing the human cadre required to work on the services provided
The system also offers a number of benefits to service recipients, including:
Elect submit the application electronically
SMS Notify him of his request electronically via SMS and e-mail
Possibility to inquire directly about requests submitted through the application
Possibility to make electronic payments by connecting to efoatcom’s electronic payment system.
Save time, effort, and cost
Receive a notification of approval through the application
Transactions that can be submitted electronically
Visa issuance / renewal
Issuance / renewal of visa for transit purposes
Issue exit and re-entry visas
Issuing / renewing visa for study purposes
Issuance / renewal of work visa
Issuance / renewal of a residence permit for the purpose of work
Studying Issuance / renewal of a residence permit for the purpose of study
Deposit Issuance / renewal of a residency permit with a profession without any bank deposit
Granting / renewing annual residency (family members, joining a family)
Residence permit transfer
Travel is an emergency travel document
A Request to extend a temporary residence permit
Request to separate from an annual residence permit
The annual residence permit request
Revocation of annual residency permit of the profession (excluding) bank deposit
Revoking a residence permit in the work scene
Cancellation of residence in need of study
Annual Homecoming (Family Members, Joining a Family)
How to submit online application
The service recipient must register in the online system with certain information so that he has an electronic account which enables him to submit all his requests (now or in future) to the system through this account which includes complete information of the applicant of different types of articles (individuals, organizations, …)
After activating the account, the subscriber can submit requests electronically to the system defined services based on the user’s registration.
Ask about transactions at any time through his account.
Receive notifications of final decisions, reviews or additional details via his e-mail and cell phone.
All types of financial arrears (service allowances, guarantees, etc.) can be paid through a link to’s electronic payment system.
Registration type (for service recipients):
Service recipients can choose one of the following types from the article type list, which is:
That person
Government institutions
• Educational Institutions
Diplomatic missions and international and regional agencies
Civil society organizations (clubs, associations, unions, …)
Non-governmental organizations
Dealing with requests submitted from outside the Kingdom
• Visa application and an urgent travel document can be submitted to customers outside the Kingdom through the embassy
The service recipient can authorize the nearest embassy to review his request if necessary
The new electronic system is part of the e-government program for the development and implementation of government services (cross-governmental e-services) provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The source data for this app is provided by the Ministry of the Interior – Jordan

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