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Сказки для детей плеер APK Download

Сказки для детей плеер APK Download
*** The largest collection of fairy tales! *** Works without internet !! *** Is free ! Fairy tales with pictures and voice acting !!
Once again, the application is completely free, as I did for my daughter.

It looks like a children’s phone with songs, the screen shows pictures from fairy tales, the child himself without parents can understand what kind of a fairy tale it is and turn it on.

Children’s fairy tales develop a child, raise his spirits! Like boys and girls! Better to listen to at night, helps the child fall asleep.
Before you is a book of fairy tales, which includes fairy tales of Russian writers: Pushkin, Chukovsky, Suteev and foreign writers: Charles Perot, Andersen, plus Russian folk tales.

The list of audio fairy tales, all fairy tales in Russian:
+ Kolobok
+ Turnip
+ Cinderella
+ Goldfish
+ 25 tin soldiers
+ Little Red Riding Hood
+ Gingerbread House
+ Wild swans
+ Princess and the Pea
+ Moidodyr
+ Frost
+ Teremok
+ Fly tsakatuha
+ Aibolit
+ Cockroach
+ Bag of apples
+ Mouse and pencil
+ Oak green oak
+ 3 pigs
+ Seven-color flower
+ Farm
+ Scarlet Flower
+ Winter’s Tale
+ Tale of stupid little mouse
+ Magic Forest
and many others.

All fairy tales can work without the Internet, ie offline!

There is also a timer, the game is smoothly turned off after a certain time, so that the baby can fall asleep easier. The sound will gradually decrease, creating silence in the room.

There is also a screen lock function so that the child does not close the game with his hands. When you press the lock icon for 2 seconds, the screen is locked.

There is a function of a fairy tale for a fairy tale, fairy tales will play in a random order.

Another tale repeat feature to listen to a fairy tale in a circle.

And when you click on the icon with a fairy tale, pictures from fairy tales appear, they float across the screen, when clicking on them disappear.

If you liked the game, you listened to at least one fairy tale, leave a review. This will be your best thanks. Thank.

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