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Потешки для малышей, стишки, песенки. Бесплатно! APK download

Потешки для малышей, стишки, песенки. Бесплатно! APK download
Nursery Rhymes for Toddlers – The largest catalog of audio nursery rhymes and rhymes for your little one, even for the smallest. It works without the Internet and is completely free. Once again I repeat the application is completely free, as I did for my daughter and son

It looks like a children’s phone with songs, the screen depicts pictures from nurseries. The child himself can turn on the nursery rhyme or rhyme, the child also has fun laughing at the child.

In our collection we collect the most famous Russian nursery rhymes for kids and poems. They are filled with kindness and care! We also added tongue twisters and rhymes.

Nursery Rhymes for Kids: A little-toed bear walks through the woods, My grandmother lived with a gray goat, Aunt Hippopotamus, In the garden, As on our name day, Once two three four five, a bunny came out for a walk, Legs top top, Geese geese and many others

Poems for children 3 and 4 years (2 years) – they are very small, easy to remember! Loshchadka, Aircraft, Elephant, Dropped a bear on the floor, Ball, Bunny, Ship, Kid, Adult. Plus verses by Agnia Barto are suitable for the smallest, as well as for children up to a year!

Nursery rhymes are small songs that are performed with a child. You can play the nursery rhyme like a game using your fingers and legs. My grandparents often told me nursery rhymes when I was little, the folklore is simply forgotten over time, the Internet is replacing it (very sorry! After all, nursery rhymes are fun and funny, a great idea to spend time with your child.

If you liked our poem game for kids, put 5 balls, this is the best thanks! Write in the reviews which nursery rhymes for the smallest we still need to add, or which poems are missing.

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