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Небоскребы- экономическая игра APK Download

Небоскребы- экономическая игра APK Download
Skyscrapers game – it’s browser-economic strategy online. It is interesting for its own story, its economic component. In a game with you, playing more than 10,000 people at a time.

Your goal is to build a skyscraper. Number of stories in it indefinitely. The main thing that you have enough resources for the construction of each floor.
Major currencies in game two – it’s coins and bucks. After the construction of the next floor, the player must decide whether he wants to place on each level.

You can take the floor under the residential zone, or select one of the lines of business.
For example – entertainment, creativity or catering.
These hard workers and are just one of those people that inhabit the living areas.

But you need to keep in mind one more thing! Have your virtual men in skyscrapers, as in life,
There are different abilities and inclinations to work. Who is better able to sell donuts, who is trained to work in the entertainment industry.
Qualifications of each employee is available to you immediately after you check it on the floor. And in order to improve sales in a particular business,
you will be required in the selection of employees is very, very responsibly. In addition, all of your players have a job for which they are
dream. Such workaholics should be placed at appropriate positions in the first place.

In your skyscraper will be constantly coming buyers who should be delivered on a certain floor.
To do this, the game has a lift that you manage yourself. For attention every buyer in addition to the purchase of a commodity, and you can leave a decent tip – in the form of coins or dollars.

Each type of business has its own product, the availability of which you should watch.
Otherwise, the business will stop, and your income will fall. On the creation of goods requires real time.
There is an opportunity and speed up the process of creating new products. To do this you will have to pay.
Or more – it all depends on the demand for the commodity and its original price.

Also, in real time and the floors are constructed in a skyscraper. The higher it is, the more time is required for the construction of each floor.
However, in this case, you can speed up the construction of paying a certain amount of dollars. In addition, multiple users may VIP-
significantly reduce construction time, if they deliver to the appropriate floor.

Constant presence in the game players are not required – it will continue after the release of her.
This will allow you to receive coins, but in order to earn bucks to your active participation in the life of a skyscraper.

Skyscraper provides a variety of tools to monitor the gaming business and the mood of your citizens.

Skyscraper at first glance may seem boring and monotonous game. But after the construction of the first 10 floors, the establishment of business and settlement skyscraper
people you have to keep track of various aspects of the game and take into account your income and expenses. Since the game is free to try your hand
everyone can.

Become a real estate mogul in the mobile Skyscrapers economic strategy.

Buy the floors to make money, build new homes … build their city.

The game displays economic, market processes. The player directs the house or the city, and the goal is to make profit.

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