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Капуки Кануки ТВ: Развивающие Мультики для Малышей APK Download

Капуки Кануки ТВ: Развивающие Мультики для Малышей APK Download

Wow! Favorite cartoons for children on your phone!
Let’s watch cartoons about cars for the smallest and entertaining shows!

The Kapuki Kanuki cartoon application (YouTube for children) is an opportunity to play and learn in a safe learning environment!

Educational cartoons for kids (boys and girls), animated series and many different shows for young children are all familiar to everyone: Gruzovichok Leva and Doctor Mashinkova (children’s cartoons for kids about cars). All the most favorite characters and cartoons for children online – in your smartphone!

Key features of our cartoon application:
– A huge collection of videos: educational cartoons for kids, animated series and entertainment shows
– children’s cartoons for boys and girls and the program “Kapuki Kanuki” (YouTube for children) are divided into channels for convenient viewing and tracking the release of new series
– watching cartoons about cars online with us is safe! Parental controls and no ads!
– convenient and intuitive control interface
– watch cartoons online and download cartoons for children and transfer to your device to watch without access to the Internet (when subscribing)
– various sorting options (by date, by popularity, alphabetically)
– adding favorite series and channels to “Favorites”
– video quality selection

In the QC application (youtube for children), we have collected educational cartoons for kids and songs for the little ones, videos and programs that will help children and parents come up with new games with their favorite toys. Opening cartoons for children, the child gets access to educational videos that he watches on YouTube for children, but is not able to go to other users’ channels. Only the content that meets our requirements falls into the Kapuki Kanuki cartoons app for kids: cartoons and animated series, competent Russian language, educational game models (children and parents, etc.), lack of cartoons and videos that provoke aggressive behavior.

You are waiting for our tireless friends and cartoons for children online – Gruzovichok Leva, Doctor Mashinkova, absolutely all the stars of the Kapuki Kanuki channel, and, of course, our creative and most talented host Masha! YouTube for children and educational cartoons about cars will help you and your children learn the alphabet, colors, geometric shapes, numbers, memorize poems and funny songs for kids.

Each section of the Kapuki Kanuki application is cartoons for babies and cartoons for older children, united by a common theme.
Our educational cartoons for boys and girls “Smart cars” and “Owlet Hophop” are the first lessons about colors, shapes and numbers.
For those who like to watch cartoons about cars and educational cartoons for the smallest, we offer “Lion’s Truck”, “Doctor Mashinkova”, “Assistant Machines”. In them we tell what parts cars are made of, why they are needed, and how they help people.
Children’s programs “Like Mom”, “Hello, Bianca”, “Mom’s School” – this is a show about adults and children who have toy friends. All videos and songs for kids are educational game models. We shoot them, trying to inspire young viewers to behave properly at home (children and parents), on the street, be able to communicate with family and friends, and carefully and accurately interact with those younger.

Kapuki Kanuki – game and development against boredom! Join now!

Please read the terms of the renewable subscription, which is valid in the application:
– renewable subscription with a period of 1 month provides access to all the cartoons and programs of the application, including future ones
– for new users a free trial period of 7 days is provided
– the subscription is automatically renewed if the user has not unsubscribed 24 hours before renewal
– the cost of the subscription does not change when it is renewed
– You can unsubscribe in the settings of your device.

Terms of use:

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