Детские песни без интернета APK Download

Детские песни без интернета APK Download

Songs for kids and toddlers – free and without internet! Large selection of children’s songs from Soviet cartoons. They were full of kindness and care at that time. To look like a baby phone, the buttons are the image of the song.

Kids songs are generally suitable for all ages from 6 to 8 years old but also suitable for 3 year olds. Since they teach love, we all think of mammoth or 2 gig funny songs, these are songs that are full of love.

Songs for kids:
Fun to go together Fun
+ Goat’s song
+ Cruiser Aurora
+ Bremen Town musician
+ Pinocchio song
+ Cheburashkar song
+ Chunga Changa
The bear’s lorry
+ Jeans of crocodile song
+ Little Red Riding Hood song
+ Huge song oth
+ Little duck dance
A Christmas tree was born in the forest
Sitting on the grass
+ Blue car
+ Laughter
+ Two funny chickens
+ Antoshka
Songs about summer
+ Water
+ Song of Santa Claus
Big mystery for the little ones
+ Good bug
+ Cinderella and Prince Duo
Man dog friend
Winnie the Pooh song
+ Ship childhood
Scarlet cell
+ Lady Mary
+ Wind of change
+ Lion and barber
Colorful dreams
Ray of the golden sun
Romance from the highway
Songs by disguised Bremen Town musicians
+ Song Trubudura
Have fled from this nation and palace
+ Chastoshka Grandma-Hedgehogs
+ Hare and Wolf’s songs are on
+ Cat Leopold’s song
+ Lion cubs and turtle songs
Songs about captains
A song about a giraffe
+ Songs by Eli and his friends
It can always be sunny
+ Talk to Tortil and Pinocchio
The sky is blue
+ Thirty-three cows
+ In every small child
Wolf and seven cubs
+ Romashkvor train song
+ Ginger, ginger, caulked
+ Capitoshka
Fox song
+ Night Fear Song
+ Duet Doug and Bologna
+ We are poor lambs
Rainbow song
+ Fifteen frogs
+ Durmar song
+ Prison Barabas song
If you are kind
We will survive this problem
+ Romance Metroskina
+ If not winter
+ Fantastic song
+ General story
+ Dream song
Let them run randomly
+ One date, two dates
+ Mom- darling, my mother
Sleeping tired toy
+ We are little children
+ Flying in dreams
+ Fun charge
And others.

The collection also includes songs for kids: huge, small duck dances, fun exercises and many more.

If you like our kids song play, the best payout is your review. Thank you and happiness to your family!

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