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Аудиосказки для детей на ночь APK download

Аудиосказки для детей на ночь APK download
The largest free collection of audio fairy tales for children, now in one application, convenient for the child!

– the presence of a list ❤ “my favorite fairy tales”;
– convenient listening modes: random selection and repetition of a fairy tale;
– convenient timer for stopping the application when working in the background;
– text of a fairy tale for children and a beautiful picture with heroes;
– convenient control for the child and the ability to listen in the background;
– All audio tales can be listened to without the Internet and completely free;

To listen to fairy tales when the screen is off, you need to minimize the working application (middle button of the Home phone) and then turn off the screen (Power button of the phone)

List of audio fairy tales with text for children:

Two goats.
Swan geese.
Gingerbread Man.
Cat, Rooster and Fox.
Goat Dereza.
Fox and Thrush.
Chanterelle with a rolling pin.
Masha and the Bear.
Tale of the Fisherman and the Goldfish.
Snow Maiden.
Fear has big eyes.
Why does the hare have a short tail?
Sister Chanterelle and Gray Wolf.
The wolf and the seven Young goats.
Bunny and fox.
Porridge from the ax.
Goat da Baran.
Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.
Chicken Ryaba.
Fox and Bear.
Fox and Crane.
Masha and the mice.
Cockerel and Zhernovets.
Cockerel and bean seed.
Cockerel Golden Scallop.
The tale of the Wasp and the Bear.
The tale of a clever little mouse.
Tar goby.
Three Bears.
Moroz Ivanovich.
Little Raccoon and the one who sits in the pond.
Little mouse and pencil.
Rooster and paint.
Different wheels.
Under the mushroom.
Magic wand.
An Apple.
Who said meow?
Cat fisherman.
Why does a hare have long ears?
The tale of a brave hare.
A bag of apples.
Envious goose.
Uncle Misha.
Chicken and duckling.
Three kittens.
Christmas tree.
Skillful hands.
Fly Tsokotukha.
Fedorino grief.
The tale of a stupid mouse.
Pipe and jug.
Three little pigs and a gray wolf.
Sivka Burka.
Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the robber.
Gingerbread house.
Princess on the Pea.

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